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Tascam 424 MK2 cassette recordings made in London between 1998 and 2001.
All words, music, drums, vocals and guitars by Wesley Pumpkinhead.
Name: Wesley Pumpkinhead
I am an experienced full stack web developer who is passionate about using the latest technologies to create web software and interactive sites from code, with expert level skills in:
JavaScript | REST | PHP | MySQL | HTML5 | CSS3 | XML | EXCEL | GIMP
Self-taught in everything, I am a highly creative, innovative problem solver with a truly diverse skill-set that traverses both the creative and the technical. Always learning, always looking for a better way.
DnD Image Annotate and Resize Tools (pure JavaScript project)

MalenkyHIT was the world's first browser-based client-side-only image tools. It uses the experimental URL object (to create a local URL to an image file) and HTML5 <canvas> element to manipulate image files dragged to browser by the user. It supports standard image formats (PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP) and exports to PNG (supports transparency) or JPG. (The exported format is automatically selected by the software based on the original image format).

It allows you to resize (dimensions), annotate, watermark and border up to 20 images at a time, and is particularly useful for adding text (or image) copyrights and for creating thumbnails.

Until quite recent advances in browser technology, the only way to resize image files with a browser was by using a server side script (such as PHP). This meant uploading the image to a web server for processing, saving the new image to a folder on the server and then downloading the new image.

Aside from bandwidth considerations, web developers often had to contend with fatal server Out-of-Memory errors. The only workaround was to reject images with high pixel content or filesize, and was far from ideal as it meant users themselves would often have to find a way to resize their images before they could upload them.

Nearly all image resizing on the internet is still done in this way.

MalenkyHIT is different because it runs in your browser on your PC and requires no web server. No files are ever uploaded to the internet, so it can even be run from a folder on your PC without any internet connection.

MalenkyHIT works best in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

CARI (2014)
Stock Control

CARI is a bespoke stock control system that generates invoices and warehouse releases with very little user input.

It was designed to solve a problem for a commodity trading house in the UK, whose complex allocation switches, warehouse releases and invoices were all managed using a most inefficient but effective (hundred years old) pen and paper system.

It includes a handful of useful reports including:

  • Open Position of stock not yet released
  • Open Position of stock not yet allocated
  • History of Warehouse Releases by Warrant
  • Subtotal of Invoices by Client and Time Period

The CARI system is NOT an off-the-shelf product, and while it could possibly be adapted to suit different business models, it was designed for a specific purpose and is intended to be viewed only as an example of the kind of web-based software that I write.

CARI works best in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

FIFORTO (2015)
Finance Forecasting Tool

FIFORTO uses a combination of exported data (ledger statement and forward trades) to define a late payment pattern for a particular client and forecast the amount of financing likely to be required at any given point in the future.

The exported data (generated by the users stock control and accountancy system[s]) is imported to the system using simple Drag & Drop, and the result is presented in both graph format (month totals) and printable reports (with line by line analysis and subtotals for each calender month).

Forward contracts with an ETA in the past are not included in the finance forecast, but are singled out as VOID for immediate attention.

Editable fields, such as the shipment date, allow the user to move VOID shipments to any point in the future, and immediately assess the impact.

Additionally, all user amendments are recorded in the line by line analysis, which can be printed and used as reference for updating contracts on the users stock control system.

HTML5 Canvas Graph

This finance tool uses exported CSV data from accounts and stock management software to build a retrospective aged debtors list using HTML5 canvas graphs and plain text detail reports.

It also includes a price/tonnage historical analysis with origin/type/quality and trader filters.

AXS-MODEL (2015)
RWD Photo Gallery

AXS-MODEL is a modelling portfolio site with an original RWD photo gallery script and cover art by ZOODUCK.


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AJAX File Uploads

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A collection of web related projects from 2010-2012.