11/2/16 04:10:59,KwakDuck (GB),id_84579,heeft u een tafel voor twee persona
11/2/16 04:11:37,MooCow (GB),id_32949,nee, ik heb geen tafels
25/4/16 23:32:28,KwakDuck (GB),id_81092,hallo
6/6/17 15:16:12,KwakDuck (GB),id_61609,06/06/2017 16:16
6/6/17 15:16:32,MooCow (GB),id_74916,06/06/2017 16:16
22/1/19 12:46:01,KwakDuck (GB),id_72268,hallo
11/4/19 13:49:05,KwakDuck (GB),id_90316,iojj
21/4/20 23:28:34,KwakDuck ,id_80510,I like rusty spoons
21/4/20 23:30:30,KwakDuck ,id_80510,There once was a man named after a squash
21/4/20 23:30:43,KwakDuck ,id_80510,Who earned quite a bit of dosh
21/4/20 23:30:48,MooCow (GB),id_84240,Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
21/4/20 23:31:39,KwakDuck ,id_80510,Now here comes the sitch
21/4/20 23:31:46,KwakDuck ,id_80510,He was quite a bitch
21/4/20 23:39:04,KwakDuck ,id_80510,but got fired and spent all day on the slosh
18/7/20 12:36:30,KwakDuck (ID),id_26372,test